Acoustics & System Design

An introduction to Acoustics - AMS Acoustic's Tony Stacey introduces the concepts of room acoustics and speech intelligibility.
Computer Simulation of Speakers in Venues - d&b's Steve Jones looks at various manufacturer's software to model how speakers will perform in a room.
An introduction to SMAART - Steve Badham introduces the uses of SMAART. Please note, we have a SMAART system available for members to borrow via our Equipment Loan Scheme.
After the Mixer: Delay, EQ and Matrix systems - Sound designer Gareth Fry focuses on post-mixing desk processing, such as Yamaha's DME technology. Featuring a presentation on Timax.
Line Array Theory - d&b's Steve Jones looks at the basic principles of line array speakers
Delaying and balancing a sound system - Meyer Sound's Miguel Lourtie looks at ways to optimise a sound system for best performance.

Beyond Theatre

Introduction to Binaural, Ambisonic and Spatialised Audio for 360, AR, VR and XR technologies - Sound designers Gareth Fry and Theo Holloway explore the use of these technologies in this emerging art form.


The collaboration between composer and sound designer - Sound designers and composer discuss how to collaborate
A brief history of music - Composer Matthew Scott offers a brief history of western music.
Approaching the music in musical theatre - Sound designer Richard Brooker looks at dealing with the music aspects of musical theatre
Ear Opener - Composer Paul Clark on a musical lecture-adventure unpicks modern classical music - explaining the different varieties of modern classical music, and unpicking what often misunderstood terms such as serialism, minimalism and atonality are.
Music: Rights, Wrongs & Wherefores - The National Theatre's Head of Music and freelance composer, Matthew Scott looks at sourcing and using music, from the different periods of music and where to find what you're looking for, to the copyrights and permissions involved. 
DJ techniques - DJ Dan Savidge explains basic DJ techniques and ways to mix and edit music


Max MSP - Sound designer Sarah Angliss shows how to use Max synthesis software, particularly looking at its integration in Ableton Live.

Vocal reinforcement & Radio Mics

Discussion: How to do vocal reinforcement - A panel of sound designers discuss techniques of vocal reinforcement
Float mic'ing - Sound designer Tom Lishman looks at the use of float mic'ing for vocal reinforcement
Mic Positioning vs Sound - Sound designer Yvonne Gilbert discusses how vocal mic placement can affect the sound of your show
Pin The Radio Mic on the Actor - Zoe Milton demonstrates practical techniques of disguising radio mics on performers
Keeping the performers onside - Panel discussion on earning and keeping the trust of performers
Introduction to RF - Shure's Tuomo Tolonen on the basics of radio mic technology
Using Radio Mic's in Theatre / Musical Sound System Design - Sound designer Gareth Owen discusses the variety of techniques for using radio mics with performers and sound system design for muscial theatre
Perfect Panto Sound - Sound designers Gareth Owen and Tom Lishman look at some of the techniques for obtaining the best sound under the unique circumstances of pantomimes, a lot of which is applicable to any small scale musical

Sound content creation

How Do You Make Your Sounds? - Sound designers Carolyn Downing, Sebastian Frost, Gareth Fry and John Leonard discuss the various ways of making sounds, and what technique to use when.
How to Foley - Foley Artist Tom Espiner demonstrates some of the techniques of creating sound effects with everyday objects
Recording Sound Effects - John Leonard discusses various techniques for recording sound effects on location
Creative Manipulation of Sounds - Sound designer Gareth Fry looks at ways of manipulating sound with a particular focus on Audio Ease's Speakerphone

Software-specific courses

Reaper - Educator Steve Mayo offers an introduction to the DAW: Reaper (2020)

QLab - Sound designer Seb Frost demonstrates hints and tips for using Figure 53's QLab software.

ProTools for Theatre - Sound designers Seb Frost and Tom Lishman explore using ProTools for theatre, starting with the basics and working up to more advanced techniques.
CSC for Beginners - CSC's developer Richard Carter offers this introduction to using this playback software
NI Reaktor - Sound designer Donato Wharton offers a brief look at Native Instruments Reaktor synth
Advanced QLab - A workshop looking at some of the more advanced techniques for programming QLab with sound designer Gareth Fry
QLab v3 seminar - Figure 53's Chris Ashworth with Gareth Fry look at the new features introduced in QLab v3
Ableton Live for Theatre - Sound designer Gareth Fry takes us through the use of Ableton Live as a tool for sound design, and as a playback device for shows.

Computer and Audio Networking

Computer Networking for Audio Professionals - Dom Bilkey examines in depth setting up computer networks for theatre and audio use.
Beginner’s guide to Computer Networking - Dom Bilkey leads a 90 minute seminar on computer networking, looking at the cables, connectors, switches and routers that can be used and explain the protocols that power them, and the problems that most commonly occur.
Audio networking - Yamaha's Wayne Powell leads this seminar on the various flavours of Audio Networking Protocols including Dante, AVB, Ethersound, and how best to implement them. 

Documentation & CAD

Vectorworks: An Introduction to - Tom White talks you through how to work with Vectorworks with a focus on sound. (2020)
Vectorworks: ConnectCAD - Tom White introduces ConnectCAD with a focus on sound. (2020)

Discussions & Speculation!

The future of sound design - sound designer Gareth Fry looks at some of the technologies underpinning how sound design may be done in the future.
Working with directors - director Catherine Alexander and sound designers Paul Arditti, Gareth Fry and Donato Wharton discuss the best ways to collaborate.
Discussion: Getting educated, getting work - a panel of tutors and sound designers discuss what it's useful to lean, and how to achieve it
Sound education
 - Gregg Fisher leads a discussion of what are the useful things to be taught for those entering the theatre sound industry

Theatre Colloquium 2013 in full

  • From Anechoic Chambers to Cocktail Parties: The Challenge of Localizing Sounds in Complex Acoustic Environments with Dr Jennifer Bizley and Prof Andrew King
  • Panel Discussion: The Auditory Scene, with Prof Ross Brown, Dr Jennifer Bizley, Prof Andrew King, Mic Pool, Duncan Speakman, Melanie Wilson
  • Making Music on Broadway and in the West End: Changing Technologies and Divisions of Labour, Changing Attitudes toward Work with Dr Jonathan Burston
  • Panel Discussion: Musicals and Sound Reinforcement. Chair: David Roesner, with Dr Jonathan Burston (via Skype), Wendy Gadian, Terry Jardine, Gareth Owen, Nick Lidster
  • Video Games Sound Design and Procedural Audio with Graham Gatheral
  • Panel Discussion: New Technologies in the Rehearsal Room: Sound Design Process, with Geoffrey Colman, Catherine Alexander, Carolyn Downing, Andy Farnell, Gareth Fry, Graham Gatheral
  • David Collison, the first credited sound designer in the world, in conversation with Ross Brown


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