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Many of our members live in the London area, and we have limited resources for running training sessions, so most training courses are held in London. The ASD aims to be a national organisation, rather than a London-centric one. To ease the costs of travelling for members who live outside London, we are running a travel assistance scheme. This will hopefully encourage more people to join from outside London and give us more resources to run training courses nationally.

If you are an ASD member living more than 50 miles from where the ASD are holding a training session, the ASD may pay part of your travel costs to get you there.

Professional, Associate and NCO members may receive 33% of the cost of the price paid for rail travel, up to the cost of 33% of a standard saver return rail fare.

Future Professional members may receive 50% of the cost of the price paid for rail travel, up to the cost of 50% of a standard saver return rail fare with a Young Persons Rail Card.

If you travel by means other than train, please submit relevant receipts, but the maximums above will still apply.

After you've attended the seminar, you'll be asked to complete a form where you will be asked to upload a scan or photo of your tickets or receipts. Your attendance at the training seminar is a prerequisite for us completing your application for reimbursement: if you were unable to attend the seminar for whatever reason we will not contribute towards your travel. Payment will be made within 30 days of receiving your claim form.

Please note, the scheme does not apply to seminars run at trade shows, i.e. PLASA, ABTT, etc; or to seminars run by our members; or to social events.




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