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Sound Designer

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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

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  • Associate Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Composer (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • No.1 (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Production Sound Engineer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Show Control Programmer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Operator (With over 25 Professional Credits)
What I'm working on at the moment
2020 Credits include: Wolf (Sound Designer, Kitchen Zoo in association with Northern Stage); Oh, No George! (Associate Sound Designer, Can't Sit Still Theatre); Relentless (Mortal Fools)
I am a Sound Designer and Sound Artist working across theatre, music and contemporary art - I regularly collaborate with other artists and theatre makers who are driven by a love of storytelling and immersive experiences.

My practice is broadly focused on a source material, such as field recordings, interviews, or music, and the creative manipulation of its sonic qualities to create a richly textured soundscape. This sound design practice is rooted in my experiences in experimental music production and devised theatre.

I take a holistic approach to sound design that includes content creation, QLab programming, and playback system design. This process is always a collaborative approach involving the wider creative and production teams.

I have worked as a Sound Designer and Associate Sound Designer for theatres and artists including Mortal Fools, Alphabetti Theatre , Enchanted Parks , Northern Stage, Kitchen Zoo, Can't Sit Still Theatre and Filskit Theatre.​
Audio Portfolio (SoundCloud link)
Areas you work in:
  • Theatre
  • Composition
  • Studio Music Producer
  • Studio Recording Engineer
  • Sound Effects Production
  • Radio
  • VR/AR/360/Spatial Audio
  • Live Music
  • Venue Staff
  • Exhibitions (Galleries)
  • Education
Special services offered:
All of my work is informed by my skills in field recording and studio recording and sound system design and optimisation.

Theatre - Sound Design and Abstract Composition, including system design/spec, show control and QLab programming.
Sound Artist - commissions, public art, gallery exhibition, collaborations.
Video - Abstract Composition and Sound Scoring.
Music Production and Audio Drama - sound design, recording, mixing and mastering. Pro Tools operating.


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