Using Ableton Live in Theatre

  • 01 Feb 2013
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Barbican Centre, London
  • 6

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Using Ableton Live in Theatre

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There are two slants to this session.
1) Using Ableton as a creative sound design tool
We will explore how Ableton Live can be used to manipulate audio, demonstrating it's unqiue features to manipulate sound in a very musical but flexible fashion.

2) Using Ableton Live for show playback and live processing
We will explore how you can incorporate Ableton into a show to give the sound operator more control over the soundscape than a simple Go button allows. We will look at Ableton's ability to vamp complex musical cues, it's use with Novation Launchpad and other control surfaces to allow complex hot-key triggering and the live mixing of recorded multi-track music, it's ability to loop live inputs, and process microphones, amongst other features.

No previous knowledge of Ableton will be assumed!

The training session will be run by sound designer Gareth Fry.

What is Ableton Live?
Ableton Live is a software package written specifically for live performance use, optimised towards the live creation of music from multiple audio clips. It is designed to allow sounds to be added, looped, tweaked, effected, all during a live show without a break in audio or jump in sound, with a focus on the stability of the platform. It is a little like a modern-day cross of Opcode's Vision and several dozen Akai samplers.

A 30-day trial of Ableton Live can be downloaded from Ableton's website

More information on the use of QLab in theatre can be found here and here


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